Chemo Nurse Limited Edition Print

Chemo Nurse Limited Edition Print

Original Art by Dave Glass Riddick


50 A Bannam Place
North Beach, San Francisco 94133
Opening Hours:
Friday - Sunday
(1PM - 9PM)

Limited Edition of 20

digital giclee print

on acid free archival matte 60 200gsm 10 mil paper

8.5 x 11

signed and numbered

certificate of authenticity

ca. 2010

*A personal tale behind this piece, the loss of my Nana from bone cancer as a child, in the eyes of a child.

The writing in the background reads:

"I witnessed my Nana wither away from
bone cancer. A child not realizing the
great life lessons she had to teach me.
As I tried to sleep, she moaned in pain.
I was reading JAWS wondering if you could hear people
talk over your head washed up on shore.
Is this like I'm speaking to her as she is dying?
Adrift the canals of Savannah her soul would break away as
I fished crab with chicken necks on a string and a net.
Carried in agony, unable to move her body out of bed.
Riddled with disease and radiation sickness she could talk to me.
Brushing her hair back with her hand, hair falling out
with her weary movement, looking through me finding solace
in a fading aura, and the scent of Spanish moss and marshland.
When she sleeps will she rest?"
~ Dave Glass


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